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Monday, March 1, 2010

Being a Traveller: London 2012!

My family and I are thinking of going to London for the 2012 Olympics since the ones here in Vancouver have just ended.

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I have been to London 3 times:

  1. 1998 for my High School Graduation. My mom sent me to stay with her niece, my older cousin, and her family for 1.5 months in the summer. I naturally visited every touristy site that I could and rode the underground daily from my cousin's place in Maidenhead. 
  2. 2004 on our way back from our India trip. My best friend and I spent 2 weeks at my cousin's place in February 2004 after several months in India. We spent our time shopping, going to museums and galleries and enjoying what vegan food we could find. I really like London in February.
  3. 2009 for 1 week in February. Our friend Reza moved from Calgary (where we used to live) to London and we stayed there for about a week, going to galleries and museums...some new ones that we didn't go to last time, and spent valentine's day with Reza and Saf. It was the most deliciously expensive way that we could have spent valentine's day! Reza used to come to Vancouver every year and we would see him here, and sometimes in Calgary, but now we have to go to London to see him: poor us. :) 
If this ends up happening, I will be buying myself (and my best friend) tickets for gymnastics!