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Guest Bloggers

Looking for Guest Bloggers:

If you have any ideas for guest posts you would like to submit, I am actively accepting them. Some suggested categories include:

  • art  - your own or someone else's artistic practice 
  • design - stores in your area that you especially enjoy or online
  • new products related to home decor or design
  • travel - your personal travel experiences with pictures
  • vintage or historical fashion
  • Canadiana - history, fashion, design products, stores, artisans, travel etc. 
I have daily features and could use some guest bloggers:

Weekly Features

I can be contacted by email, or on twitter.
My guest post: Anne of Green Gables 
Past Guest Bloggers:

Caroline Smith - Summer Decorating - Guest Post
Brenda Lee - Happy Birthday? You Decide?
Elizabeth Cutten  - 5 Ways to Travel for Next to Nothing
Marie Young - 1940s Hollywood Glam Bathroom Re-do
Rituparna Banerjee - Ferry Travel in Europe
Cavyl Stewart - Turning your Hobby in to your Business