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Friday, April 23, 2010

Being Vegan: Fluevog Shoes

Before I discovered John Fluevog's selection of vegan footwear, I bought non-leather shoes from various places, including, vegetarian shoes, where I got some vegan docs.

and many other online stores. This all goes back to what I was saying in this post about the increased availability of vegan/veg. products, including (yay) shoes!

My first pair of John Fluevog shoes were bought in Seattle in 2009. The shoes I bought were on sale and the only pair left were in my size! They are the brown and tan ones on the upper left. The brown part is wood-grain like. They are very comfortable and go travelling with me most of the time. Next, I bought the black ones which are vegan suede and a bit more narrow in the toe. They have little holes in the toe, like cowboy boots sort of.  The green and white shoes are the same as the brown/tan ones but (obviously) in a different colour. They are my newest pair and I have only worn them a few times. I'm kind of saving them for this spring/summer. The Veggie Vogs at the bottom are hemp with a cool orange inside. I like the bit of heel on them but they are a bit loose on my feet. Still, they were only $30! The other pairs were each $69 on sale from over $179! They are really well-made and so comfortable.

They're composed primarily of ultrasuede and microfiber; the soles are made of crepe rubber that hasn't been treated with nasty chemicals. The dyes are all vegetable-based and chrome-free. They're even biodegradable. Via NW Source.

Now, looks like I have my share of casual shoes down. . . guess I need to pick these up:

Bellevues Ida Clark in black and striped canvas. I really need heeled shoes, but will have to wait for a sale. These are $279.
In 1882 Ida Clark, then 30 years old and single, decided it was time to leave Deadwood South Dakota. After many years in the business, "golden haired and ravishing" Ida caught the morning train and disappeared forever, leaving behind a legend of firehouse balls, suspicious murders, and a missing trunk full of money and stolen jewelry. Using soft dusty pastel leathers, or striped canvas with microfiber lining (vegan), on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, this ankle bootie is already legendary. - via