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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bombay Bling Party Decor

During this, my 30th birthday month, I thought that it would be fun to show some great party decor. I am celebrating my birthday with my best friend and no one else. My family live in Calgary, and I will still be taking some courses this Summer, so I can't leave to go see them...therefore, I won't be having a birthday 'party' rather, a birthday get-together. I'm not complaining, I'm not really one for big social events, but. . .I do love party decor! One day, (maybe for my graduation in November) I will have a party with actual guests, decor and invitations. . .until that day comes, I can only dream through the pictures I see online!

This Bollywood Bling Party would suit me just fine! The walls are pretty much the same colour as mine are in my main room/entrance/hallway, and I love bright colours!

All photos from Bird Crafts. You can now purchase the above decorations on the Etsy site
The food looks incredible and it would be easy to serve all vegan food, too. I should mention this to my mom!

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