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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favourite Things Project Introduction

Welcome to the Favourite Things 
Project page! 

What is the project about?
  • It is a 52 week visual project starting July 2010 
  • It is inspired by the idea of acknowledging and appreciating the smaller, often unnoticed things in life, the things that are important to us in some way.

Each week a participant from the previous week will be selected and a link to their blog or flickr or whatever site will be featured. 


 - This is primarily meant to be a visual project. 
Feel free to include some text explanations of your photos or journal-type posts, but make sure there are pictures, too.

 - Please link up your posts to my entries. There will be a 'linky'.
I plan on posting my entries and the linky every Friday, but feel free to do yours any day of the week or do a few in one week. I'd like the posts linked up so that we can all visit each other's. 

 - Since this is themed around 52 weeks, post either 2 or 5 (or 52!!) pictures each week that you will be participating

 - Anyone can suggest a theme/topic. 
contact me or leave a comment if you'd like to leave a suggestion or have any questions.

 - Although most people will blog their post each week, it isn't mandatory.
feel free to use flickr, photobucket etc for showcasing things you love - just please leave a link each week (on Friday) on my blog post so that we can all check it out!

 - Topics/themes are completely up for interpretation, that is part of the fun of this project!
While I may have been thinking of a particular thing when I introduced the topic or theme you may have interpreted it to mean something else entirely! That is totally cool.

Ideas for implementation
 - if you participate in "wordless Wednesday" you could use the theme/topic of the week listed here to do your Wednesday post. 
 - you could use the topic/theme for searching out things in stores/catalogues/online and post about things you want to buy/own.
 - visual posts do not have to solely be picture-based. . . how about drawing, painting, or even cooking things related to the topic/theme? 

I will have a few weeks worth of themes/topics in advance so that you can take or gather your images.

52 Weeks of Things I Love in Pictures

I love these. . .
1. iconic things about my country/city
2. modes of communication
3. things to drink
4. shoes I own

Please comment if you are interested in joining in! You can join in at any time! :)