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Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 30 Design Blogs

When I started reading blogs, years ago, the blogs in this category were the first ones I read. Many of these I have been reading since my first blog-reading days, but others are fairly new to me. Sit down and enjoy browsing through these inspiring blogs.
  1. sfgirlbybay -  A San Francisco based blogger who writes about interior design, art, and photography. She posts regularly with eye-catching pictures and a clean, simple layout. 
  2. Poppytalk - A Vancouver based design blog. Jan and Earl also run Popptalk Handmade, a monthly themed online marketplace.
  3. design*sponge - A fantastically diverse design blog which also covers food and travel. This blog is updated almost too often. I find it difficult to keep up. I love the really simple layout of the blog. 
  4. automatism - A Canadian illustrator by day, Lori writes about design, illustration and art
  5. Bloesem  - This blog is visually very beautiful. It is written by an Amsterdam-born Kuala Lumpur-based woman.

  6. Decor8
  7. Oh Joy!
  8. Modish
  9. Going Home to Roost
  10. Lovely Clusters
  11. Creature Comforts
  12. Making it Lovely
  13. My Marrakesh
  14. Paris Design 
  15. Aesthetic Outburst
  16. Black*Eiffel
  17. Colours Dekor
  18. An Indian Summer
  19. Frangipani Decor
  20. From Scandinavia with Love
  21. Desire to Inspire
  22. Oh, Hello Friend (You are Loved)
  23. Mint Design
  24. Indie Fixx
  25. Paris Hotel Boutique Journal
  26. Rang-Decor
  27. From the Eastside of the Bay
  28. Lolalina
  29. Fryd + Design
  30. Melissa Loves
I used to read Apartment Therapy, but it just got too huge and I can't keep up anymore. Are there others that you think I should take a look at? Please let me know if you find some other good ones so that I can take a look! If you want to take a look at tons more, go to this Pin it Forward page where 300 blogs are listed, all have participated in the 'pinning' design event.