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Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 Things About Me - Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Kylie at Flying Ducks for this award! Kylie, an amazingly versatile blogger herself, shared some things about herself in this post, and I am here to do the same!

Since I share a lot about myself on this blog all ready, these things are sort of random:

1. When I have enough money saved up and room and other things sorted out, I will be the happy 'owner' of an italian greyhound named Goober. I have his collar and a few toys bought. 

2. I want to own and travel on a sailboat, which I talk about in this post. 
3. I have been working on my list of 31 things to do before turning 31 - and now that I have turned 30, I have less than a year to do all this
4. I love to enter giveaways. I get a real thrill from winning things. I only enter for things I really want and could use, so don't end up with extra things to clutter up my place. I also love to give things away!
5. When I am alone and walking around I like to pretend that I am in a movie and the music that I am listening is the soundtrack. I like to think about lighting, cropping and sometimes narration for these scenes.
6. I am a serious movie addict. I sometimes watch (with Greg) 3 or more movies in a day. The same is true for good tv shows - I could watch an entire season in a day.
7. I think that most situations in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode in some way. 

I would love to pass this on to a few bloggers as well:
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