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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sail Boat Dream Home - Saturday in the Sun

Blog Journal Project Day 25
What is My Dream Home?

While the topic is 'dream home', I decided to focus on my dream home in the form of a sail boat. My dream home is a house I saw in the Canadian magazine Azure a few years ago. I have the old issue in storage. Someday I'll dig it out and scan it to show you all. Basically, it is a house out in the prairies - Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba. I'd put mine in Alberta, outside Calgary - so I'd be close to the Rocky Mountains, 2 major cities, and still be secluded. The house is a basic structure with windows all around it...that's why it would have to be in the middle of nowhere - with prairie grass and hills as far as the eye can see! It is generally sunny in many parts of Alberta, despite the snowy/cold winters, I think this would work out well. The house doesn't look like a typical house, it is a rectangular structure with modern lines. I'd add in Danish modern furniture and some colour in accessories, but keep the (few) walls a light colour to not detract from the outside views.

Yesterday, it was a perfect day - blue, clear skies, pleasant temperature with a bit of breeze. . .no clouds! In typical Vancouver fashion, it only lasted one day. We are now back to clouds and mugginess. We spent the day walking to Canada Place and beyond almost to Stanley Park. We watched in awe as 2 massive cruise ships brought on passengers. One was a Diamond Princess cruise ship - the biggest ship I have ever seen in my life! It made me long to go on a cruise to Alaska, go swimming...go sailing...

We walked along the seawall by Canada Place (click the link for a previous post on that area with pictures), to look at sail boats. G and I dream of owning a sail boat and going around the world in it. I know that this won't happen for a long while, as I want to have a secure (on land) home first. What most appeals to me about this idea is the feeling of freedom and seclusion. I'd love to hop from coastal town to town and see what they have to offer.

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