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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Being Canadian: Canada Place

Went for a walk through Gastown and to Canada Place today. 
There were a lot of cute dogs and people with strollers about. Looking at these photos you can see how great the view is from this spot/this area. But, what about in the 'real city', the city that most people can afford to live in? Well, you can see my place in one of the pictures, but it is in the industrial area near that 'red giant': 

I do not have a water or mountain view in case you're wondering. Actually, I keep my curtains closed all the time, as my view is of the courtyard in our co-op - and people are always looking in if I open my curtains. I really hate it. 
Here you can see Stanley Park, mountains, North Vancouver and Olympic rings...and a sulfur mound.
This is a photo of Waterfront Station, where the Seabus (a commuter water taxi within the transit system) from North Vancouver comes, Skytrain lines, and other transportation services run to. Part of downtown is also visible. 

Do you like your city? What is it like? Maybe I can move there.