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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Sales - Shop Talk Tuesday

A bit of a short post today since it has been an exhausting day. . . but I have much more to say for next week as a result!

Since last Tuesday:
-we opened up our Etsy shop and added 8 items.
-I read up a lot on what kinds of things to add to descriptions, tags and more through the Etsy forums.
-I did some research to find more recycled content cards and print making paper. I will have to look more into this. It seems hard to find 100% recycled blank cards/envelopes for a good price.

Shop Performance -
3 days after putting up some items, we had our first sale! And then, on Sunday, we had another! Both were for the letter set. I am quite excited about this! I'll be working on another letter set this week in between school-stuff, and making some necklaces as well.

Marketing -
I contacted a few people for features and joining teams on Etsy. I think we'll be joining Etsyveg and the shop will be featured August 22nd! I will have to get more stuff up soon and contact more people about features.

I haven't done much with the Artfire shop this week, as it was set up already. Here is a look at our Etsy store so far: