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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Incredible Train Travel in Canada Part 1

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Travelling by train in Canada is not a common way to get from one place to another. For one, cities are quite spread out. Another reason may be that there simply aren't enough people to regularly use this form of transportation. I personally find that train travel is a fairly pricey way to travel – probably because not enough people take trains in this country. One of my dream trips within Canada is to be able to travel from Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains on the train.

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The luxurious Rocky Mountaineer train service connects Vancouver with Banff and Calgary. To get the most out of the incredibly scenic trip, the train only runs during the day. The clear domed roof sections on the trains make it possible to view the surroundings fully.
photo via rockymountaineer site.

I've travelled by train all around India, China, South East Asia and from Seattle to Vancouver. I have always dreamt of going on the train from China to Russia, and on the Rocky Mountaineer. 

Do you like travelling by train?