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Monday, August 23, 2010

Home Decor Event Upcoming

October 10-24th 2010 

I will be hosting a home decor event, which will include posts on ways to decorate seasonally, affordable art, design books, decor through the ages, introduction to handmade home products, lots of pictures, and some giveaways, as well.

This is not a giveaway event, but I will be having a few features/giveaways during the event. I have secured a few sponsors who will provide giveaway items:

So Rad! will be providing some art to hang on a wall.
Distinctive Color Art will be providing a painting.
Cripple Creek Woodwork will be giving away this Welcome sign, and I will be showing you some of Dennis' wood furniture.
Gilstrap Design will be offering an item for giveaway

If you'd like to provide a giveaway home decor item, let me know.
The types of products I am looking for: 
-'green' products for the home (I am not looking for cleaning products)
-candleholders or other small items

If you make or sell these types of things and want to participate in some way, please contact me. 

Other ways you can participate, if you are a store/seller/maker:
-write about your home decor products, introduce your type of product, provide tips or ideas on how to use your types of products.
-share photos of your studio/workshop/where you create
-I have limited ad space available for $5 during the month of October.

Help me out!
I am looking for:
- before/after photos of your home projects
-home tours
-guest posts on home decor ideas/tips
-tours of your favourite home decor shops, online or in person
-great vintage home decor finds

and more! It is a 2 week event, and I hope to have tons of content - so please, send me an email or contact me in the comments and let me know how you'd like to participate/contribute!

There is a page set up which will have up to date info, here