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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being an Artist: The Art of Craft

The other day I managed to catch the last of the exhibit "The Art of Craft" at the Vancouver Museum. It was a beautiful clear day in the city, so I snapped some pictures of the exterior of the museum as well as some of the works in the exhibit. 
The beginning of the exhibit had a quote that read: 
"The absence of a national style for craft may be a good thing for current makers because there is no domineering aesthetic style to overcome." 
- Rachel Gotlieb, 2009

"Seeing Clouds" by Alex Anagnostou in Ontario

 While this exhibit was interesting, and I loved seeing the different crafts from Korea, I was disappointed with the rest of the museum. I have been to the Vancouver Museum a few years ago, but they supposedly have been through a re-branding this year . . . which was not at all noticeable. The permanent exhibit section is a cheesy look at the history of the city. I would not recommend that people waste their time here. Instead, go to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.