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Friday, May 21, 2010

Handmade Resin Jewelry by TopazTurtle

Being an Artist: Etsy Feature Friday 

For this week's Etsy Feature Friday I have asked Saunthra at TopazTurtle a few questions about her life as a resin artist.

I have always been fascinated by resin - how you can get so many colours from it, and how sturdy, yet light it is. I have a few resin items in my home - all 3 of my soap holders, toothbrush holder, and a light fixture, but I love how beautiful Saunthra's resin jewelry items are. 

1) How does your creative practice fit in to your life? 

I have a pretty full life with a full time job, family and a number of hobbies. Apart from jewelry making, I also enjoy gardening, cooking, crocheting and painting. Some of the other hobbies have been put on hold while I settle into a rhythm with the Etsy and madeit sites ( madeit is an Australian craft site). It is a juggle but I enjoy it. Jewelry making fulfills my creative side and being in the web business I enjoy the whole online shop aspect of this experience and it helps out in my work too. 

2) Where does everything come together? 
I don’t really have a room put aside for my craft . It’s spread through the garage, kitchen and TV room. I do all the resin pouring in the garage, sanding and baking in the kitchen (I get complaints when I leave my craft oven out for too long) and designing in the TV room. I don’t really like being cut off from my family members while I create so a separate workroom probably wouldn’t see me changing my current habits. I like getting instant feedback on my work.

3) Do you have any specific goals related to your Etsy site?

I started selling online to see if my jewelry had any commercial appeal. I’m not entirely convinced it does. I have had a few sales which I am over the moon about. I have caught the selling bug though and to me there seems to be a huge gap between sales. I guess the next step for me is to see if brick and mortar stores would be interested in carrying my jewelry. Working towards that right now. In the meantime I’ll keep listing new stuff and promoting my store and jewelry wherever I can. 
4) Tell us more about yourself!
A little more information about myself – I live in Sydney, Australia with my family, a big black dog and 2 goldfish. I work in a website coordinator role at a government department. Jewelry making is my newest hobby. I started sewing, crocheting and painting as a little girl and picked up jewelry making when I was much older as I love collecting beads and buttons and thought it was a bit of a waste to just have them sitting in a cupboard. 

What are your favourite items by TopazTurtle?