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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vancouver My Home

Being a Correspondent
Blog Journal Project
Day 10: May 22, 2010
marina stanley park

Today's assignment from ToddlerAwesome is all about describing where we live. You may know of my city because of this recent global-sporting-event that happened here, called the Winter Olympics. It is springtime and there are flowers all around, trees are beautifully green and full . . .but half the city still looks like it is preparing for something huge or recovering from the same. It'll be interesting to see how the city evolves, though I hope I am not here much longer to witness it.

I was born here - or rather a suburb of GVRD (Greater Vancouver District) or is it being referred to as Metro Vancouver now? Anyhow, my family and I moved to Houston, Texas when I was 2, away from my large extended family. After moving to Calgary, Alberta when I was 12 and living there for a decade and a half, I moved here in order to, amongst other things, return to post-secondary school. 

Let me tell you, the rain for almost all of the year is down right depressing, and so is the insanely high cost of living. Sure, I like mountains and an ocean as much as the next person, but I find them, more often than not, completely inaccessible since I am a student and have no money to be able to actually get out and enjoy any of that. 

Since this is turning into a bit of a downer journal post, let me talk about and show you some of the things I love about living here (because there are some things that a smaller city like Calgary just can't offer)! Read the rest after the jump:

  1. I like how there are so many great concerts here all the time! I have been to quite a few but yet still always feel like I am missing out when I can't go to all of the interesting ones. When I have more money I want to go to more concerts! Not just major ones (what I mean is like Neko Case, Broken Social Scene etc. I don't mean Britney Spears or whatever. Stadium shows don't interest me), but small ones in littler clubs.
  2. The independent clothing design scene in this city is amazing! And I LOVE the sample sales! 
  3. Also, the design stores with stuff designed (and often made) right here! Next weekend is the Inform Warehouse sale, which is only 2 blocks away! I got my blue textured sleeper sofa from there. Anyway, more on that later. I live in an industrial area close to a 'cool' area called gastown with lots of design/small clothing stores, restaurants, bars etc. 

 Here's a picture of Gastown: Gastown long view
A view from Ambleside Park North Vancouver:
Totem Ambleside Park W. Van
I don't know what this kind of tree is called, but I love it. Looking towards downtown from Gastown:
gastown by tracks
Downtown and mountains looking north:

Have you ever been to Vancouver? What did you do here?