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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where I Blog

Day 14
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You can see that I use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. The picture in the upper right is my macbook with a 'be true to your school' type cover for UBC. My laptop is above some books and a vintage card file (this only shows half of it, there are 2 drawers). My 2 external hard drives are tucked on the right.The Norrebo shelf from IKEA is on the immediate left of my vintage mid-century modern desk, which has a lovely view. . .of my kitchen. :P I love my ScanSnap scanner and my speakers which we've had for 10 years now and they still sound amazing! I don't love or even like my keyboard. I need a new fancy apple one, this one is a bit stiff to type on. Oh, and I need a magic mouse, too. Good thing my birthday is coming up. 

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