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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Brew Review

Blog Brew Review

I have been reviewed on Blog Brew today! I would say that it is a generally favourable review. The only thing I don't agree with is my commenting. Other than comments for the giveaways, I feel as though I am generally on-top of my comments. I hit reply and don't email, because that way everyone can see my comment. I don't know if people subscribe to replies, though? If not, maybe people don't come back to see that I have responded. With Intense Debate commenting I can reply to specific comments easily and people can subscribe to just the replies to their comment, which I really love!

Anyway, I hope that no one feels as though I am neglecting them! When I see someone has come over from Blog Frog, I like to visit their blog to see what they are up to. I like to visit other people's blogs, too, when I see that they've commented. I hope that more people will leave their blog addresses with current post in the form! I guess maybe I am just sensitive about the comment thing, but that's because I feel sad when people respond to (it seems) everyone else's comments but not mine. Sometimes I end up not bothering to leave more after that. I just hope no one feels that way about my blog. Oh, I will go check comments now (on non-giveaway posts) just to check!

Thank you AJ for my review! You can check out Simple Sweet Inspiration for more from her.

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