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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fantastic Party Idea: Hula Hoop Fun!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than spinning and whirling around with giant plastic rings being shifted around your waist? 

Kylie Timmons of Flying Ducks (such a great name for a blog, no?) certainly doesn't think so! She sent me this photo and a description of her ideal birthday party:

photo via The Spinsterz
It's a hula hoop party! I've recently started hula hoop classes (an early birthday present from my husband!), so I think it's fitting to celebrate my birthday that way! I'd have lots of neon hula hoops for people to play with, and lots of bright rainbow colors. 

For food people would be able to eat fruity ice cream that is all the colors of the rainbow - strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, blueberry and grape. And chocolate, of course. 

Have any birthday party ideas of your own? Please email me your photo(s) before June 28th. Go to this post to find out more about how you and your Ideal Birthday Party can be featured here. 

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