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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Original Affordable Art by Storm One

Looking for some amazing affordable art to give as a gift or hang on your walls? How about these original, one-of-a-kind note cards? These cards are blank on the inside so that you can send them for any occasion and your recipient can then frame them after they read their message. I would personally recommend that you snap these up and keep them for yourselves to spruce up your blank walls! For these prices you can buy all of them. 

These cards are ink drawn on top of watercolour washes on Fabriano watercolour paper, 
and are one of a kind. 

AJ at Storm One was trained at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. She started out painting and drawing and has recently begun creating hand-dyed tank tops, 
t-shirts, bandanas, socks, and beanies. Check these out:

You can even order a set of 3 custom-designed bandanas for $18! 

AJ answered a few of my questions about her influences and art practice, which should make you want to buy all of her art even more:

1.  In your bio you describe how your immediate area has influenced your art practice. In what way(s) has it done so?
The environment I was raised in influences my approach to art practice but also fuels the design,images and themes contained in my work.
My poor and blue collar upbringing gave me a certain type of desire and hunger. My Mom worked and went to school at the same time for a lot of my childhood so I learned to work hard and depend on myself, think independently and I learned to enjoy spending time alone. I read voraciously and also drew everyday even as a young kid. The decisions I make creatively and artistically come directly from the books I've read, the relationships I've formed in and outside of my immediate family as well as the industrial and commercial landscape in my neighbourhood.

The passion and excitement I have for drawing and painting and making stuff in general comes from the energy of the folks who I saw going to work everyday but also from the hustle of the people who made money any way they could. The hustle and bustle, the "making a way out of no way" church ladies, the "trying to make a dollar outta fifteen cents" boys on the corner and the "if I gotta knock you over the head to get mine" thugs lurking in the shadows and behind buildings all formed this imprint that comes out in my work. 

2. Do you have any upcoming workshops or exhibits?
 I'm working on a series of portraits and plan on showing them sometime in the near future but the place and time have yet to be determined.

3) Do you have any goals for your art practice? 
My goals are to show my paintings,drawings and to sell my hand dyed items on-line and in galleries,fairs and art exhibits. My ultimate goal is to make and sell art full-time.

AJ has offered this gorgeous tank top as part of the gift pack that is on starting today! 

Ways that you can see more of AJ's art, find out when she lists new items and more:

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