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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pikithins Feature

[copy.jpg]A New York based artist who is studying both illustration and poetry, Carolina's shop on Etsy contains a mixture of 'dolls', bracelets and paper goods. 

Carolina describes the name of her shop as a play on the words 'picky' and 'things', because she is always picky about the details.

Carolina answered a few of my questions: 
1. I notice that you have a lot of great dolls in your collection of products. Can you tell me a little bit about what inspired you to create them? 
I was inspired to create dolls because I found drawing to be a hassle, especially when it came to sketching ideas. It feels like an extra step in creating a doll. For me, sketching is making the actual piece. If there are changes I'd like to make, I 'draw' those ideas but changing out buttons or using different colors of embroidery floss. Drawing this way makes me feel more connected to what I create.

2. How does your art practice fit into your life? 
My art practice is my life.I can sit at my desk, blast japanese music all day and just create (excluding having to go run errands and exercise, heh). Crafting is something I want to be doing for a very long time. Even when I go out for long walks in the city at night, I let the nightlife sink into my bones and absorb as much information of my surroundings as I can. Whatever I remember from the small venture goes into what I craft. 

3. Do you have any specific goals for your shop/art practice?
I would love to branch out into other categories, such as head pieces and book items. I would also like to connect my illustration website to my shop once its done. Next year, I want to start doing craft shows! There are massive opportunities for me to grab on to for my shop to get known. 

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