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Monday, June 21, 2010

Party - Purple Themed

I've been asking readers to send me pictures of their ideal birthday party look to fit in with my 30th birthday month theme. Cymbelly's ideal birthday party look is all about the colour purple! 
She describes it here:

"I love the color purple, so when I get to decorate a place for my 30th birthday party, I'd love to apply these ideas. The food would be light like a refreshing salad for starters, some seafood for the main course like fish fillet or shrimp with pilaf rice, a bit of potato salad, then some taro ice cream or blueberry cheesecake. Grape juice would be great to go with the purple theme." 

Cymbelly, who writes the blog Cazzapoeia,  says that party would be a purple Mardi Gras party - what fun! 



This cake looks too good to eat, don't you think? I think the 3 tiers would be perfect for someone turning 30!

Please email me if you'd like to have your ideal party pictures posted! 

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