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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lucky Sundays at Being Tazim - Blog Event Sponsors

Sundays are lucky at Being Tazim. I will be posting a giveaway every week or 2 on a Sunday, starting next week. I have 3 giveaways coming up this month! I might also be considering myself lucky as I reflect back on the week that passed, and feel inclined to post about what happened. 

Now that the 30 Days 30 Giveaways event is over, I want to concentrate on my sponsors for 2 upcoming blogging events. BlogFest and BlogMania are both happening in September. For both of them I will have giveaway packages totalling over $100 (for each event). I will be featuring the shops who have been kind enough to sponsor me for the events  from now until September. 

I'll be providing some items from my Studioahimsa shop, but there will also be items from these shops:

BlogFest - 
Something lovely and handmade from Green Pickles
I also have for giveaway a handmade knitted scarf (worth $60)

BlogMania - 
I will be doing a theme called "a Winning Persona" and will have different prizes for each of the main personas on my blog. I'll provide some stationary and maybe a necklace and print as well. We'll see how many sponsors I get! :) 

Being an Artist: 
-some lovely jewelry from Once Upon a Peony, so if you didn't get a chance to win the hairpins and earrings set, there will be another opportunity then to win something. 

Being a Decorator:
-a Color-Me Black and White Print from Color Me Art Spa

Being a Traveller:

Being an Environmentalist/Being Vegan
-Econuts laundry soap nuts 

If anyone would like to be an additional sponsor, please email me or comment here. I still have all my other personas (Canadian, a geek, thrifty etc) to figure out prizes for. Of course, I could have multiple things for each persona, too! Many blogs have 100s or 1000s of dollars worth of prizes, already! So far, I think there is about 65$ from other sponsors, plus about $40-50 worth from my Studioahimsa shop. 

I have a page for all my blogging events, including information on sponsors right here

Is anyone else participating in either BlogFest or BlogMania?