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Friday, July 9, 2010

Modes of Communication - Favourite Things Project

Being Tazim
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For the second week of this project I am focusing on my favourite 
Modes of Communication
Thomas Lally, 73rd NY, Excelsior Brigade, Letter - Front 
photo via enfield26's civil war collection.

I love to write letters. I have had penpals from age 10 or so until now. I have met many of them in person and have known a few of them for over 15 years! 

Chat! Chat! Chat! (Sophie's first date in school uniform Photo 4 - 06/10/08)

photo via limonchung

And what beats talking to someone in person? I really don't like talking on the phone or texting or any of that. I much prefer to see how the person reacts and preferably speak to someone over some coffee or desserts!

What about you?

If you would like to participate in this project, all the information is here. Feel free to join in any time or to suggest a topic! Next week's is: things to drink.

Please leave a comment as well as leaving your link!! :)