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Friday, July 30, 2010

People in My Life - Favourite Things Project

This week's topic is People in My Life, which I hope many people participate in! 
Here are my favourites:

This is a picture of my mom, who just turned 65 this January. She used to own a Montessori/learning daycare in Houston, Texas when we lived there. She now lives in Calgary, Alberta where she is a 24 hour caregiver for my aunt (in the picture). My brother is also in this picture. He lives in Calgary as well. We have a lot in common related to 'basic' things like shows, movies, games and humour, but he is definitely not an environmentalist.

My other favourite person is someone that I have mentioned a lot on this blog - and who is now a regular contributor. Greg, my best friend, and I met in high school, while working on our school yearbook. We have travelled together and lived together for the past 9.5 years!

I haven't been highlighting other participants for this project each week, as I had planned, but mainly this is because not many people have been doing this project. I think this has a lot to do with it being summer (in part of the world), and things are generally slow online this month. Hopefully more people will join in in the coming weeks/months and I will be able to highlight another blogger each week. Maybe you can spread the word about this project? :) *reminder that anyone can suggest a topic for future weeks. What would YOU like to share in picture form??

Please leave a comment after you link up your post so that I know when you have done so and can come visit!! Next week's topic: modes of communication