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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inventory Stockroom - Vancouver

A Curation of Ideas in Product, Craft and Culture

Stores with carefully curated selections of products housed in heritage buildings particularly intrigue me. The 'problem' is that the curated products on their own, lying on a wooden table or on an old-looking shelf, make me curious to know more. . . why were these objects chosen and what makes them so special? 

Gastown, a historic area in Vancouver where design, decor and fashion stores sit next to tourist shops, has a new addition to the neighbourhood – Inventory Stockroom.
photos from Inventory website

Inventory magazine, which spawned the Stockroom store, features: 
some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry, as well as editorials, reviews and original photography (from Inventory Magazine site
photo by Greg Washington
The Inventory Stockroom features curated products and home-brand collaborations. The interesting thing about this store, compared to others, is that the magazine acts as an answer to my 'why' questions, offering visitors an opportunity to know more about the products.

So, what sorts of products does the Inventory Stockroom carry/curate? It may seem weird, but I love looking at men's clothing and stores with things for men more than stores exclusively for women. Why? Well, I don't generally like most clothing for women. I am too self-conscious to wear the sleeveless tops with sequins or whatever is the style these days. But men's clothing is classic: button-up long-sleeved shirts and pants. Sure, the cuts change a little, but you can get years of wear from timeless shirts like these:

To see more of what the Inventory Stockroom carries and what Inventory loves, be sure to check out their blog