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Friday, July 16, 2010

Things to Drink - Favourite Things Project

Being Tazim
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This week's post is all about my Favourite Things to Drink

I enjoy iced tea, water, apple juice, and other drinks...but my favourite is coffee! I like americanos best, but I also like espresso and soy cappuccinos as well. I never put milk (soy or otherwise)in my americano/espresso/coffee but I do add a bit of brown sugar. 

Coffee Coffee Coffee Limited Edition Print 
Our vintage Joe Columbo Boby Cart with Rancilio espresso machine and grinder. I love this as a coffee/tea cart because it has a space on the right side to store coffee/espresso cups and drawers for spoons and tea strainers/infusers plus 2 storage shelves for our loose teas. The back of the cart holds long travel mugs and other things. 

This is a sign from a cafe in South India. Coffee in India is either instant from Nescafe or very strong 'filter coffee', which is a bit hard to describe. Greg really liked it, but I always thought it felt like drinking tar. 

Next week's theme is Shoes You Own. I have posted the next 5 themes as well. Just a reminder - anyone can suggest a topic or theme! 

What about you? What are your favourite thing(s) to drink?

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