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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Travel Thursday - Coming Soon

Starting this month (next week), every Thursday I will focus on travel. I will keep the posts related to 'pursuing creative personas' by focusing on art, museums, galleries, and more. From reading your comments, it seems as though one of the personas that you all relate to most is 'being thrifty', so the posts will focus on thrifty travel! 

You will find:
  • lots of pictures that will make you want to go on a trip!
  • posts on how to find the best travel deals
  • tips on how to stay organized when it comes to travel documents and information
  • ideas on how to pack, what items you may need or want, and how to get the most out of carry-on only packing
  • information on past trips I've taken
  • top 10 lists of destinations in different categories
  • features on movies that deal with travel
  • book recommendations
  • guest posts and lots more!!
If anyone is interested in offering a guest post in this area, has ideas or suggestions or comments, please let me know! 

I have been lucky enough to be given these awards lately:

Thank you Sarah from Fanged Faerie Princess for this award! 

Thank you to Cassiopeiachats for this award!