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Friday, August 20, 2010

Favourite Neighbourhoods - Favourite Things Project

I was thinking about this week's topic for a while, trying to decide what to pick for my Favourite Neighbourhoods. I like certain sections of San Francisco, but haven't lived there, so how can I know for sure? And, I like specific parts about the west side in Vancouver, where I lived for almost a year. . . but not entirely. So, what did I settle on? Well, I decided that the feelings associated with my old neighbourhoods in Calgary fit best with this theme. I don't think that I can ever truly love everything about a particular area, but my old yellow house (with Greg) brings about so many great feelings, that I find it difficult to think of the not-great things about living there.

What did I love about it?

  • there was a small farmer's market at the nearby community centre.
  • it was walking distance to Kensington, an area with lots of small shops, cafes and restaurants, not to mention a great foreign film theatre.
  • it was a nice walk (longish) to downtown, a lovely huge park and lots of other areas. 
  • there were tons of beautiful trees around, and a small park right across the street from our house!
  • a library and mall were just up the hill from our place.
  • you could actually see the stars, and the Northern Lights in that neighbourhood!
View from our living room window to field/park in front of house - with community centre and swimming pool in distance. I miss the snow. 
And this is in our living room, showing how much warm light came in. What I really loved was that we could keep our curtains open without worrying about anyone looking in! 
I don't have many pictures of the neighbourhood itself, since we hadn't bought a digital camera until we'd lived there for almost a year. 

What is/are your favourite neighbourhoods?