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Friday, August 13, 2010

Finals, Facebook and Fringe

I finished my final exam yesterday, and now don't have another class until January! I am so close to being done with university and my Art History degree! Now, I can focus on enjoying the last bit of nice weather, working on items for my shop and on this blog.

I created a Facebook page for this blog where you can connect with me on all kinds of things - please 'like' my page and add your blog URL or facebook page link so I can follow you back!

I've been checking out some new-to-me sci-fi and fantasy shows the past few weeks. So far, I've enjoyed watching Fringe the most! I started watching it last year but stopped after a few episodes. Now, it's one of my favourite sci-fi shows. It's so much fun watching shows filmed in this city! Other shows I tried to watch but stopped:
-Pillars of the Earth
and some others, but can't remember. . .
I also started watching Covert Affairs, mainly because of Piper Perabo. I don't know why I'm watching it, really. A show about the C.I.A.?!  I just started watching Stargate Atlantis, which I enjoy so far. I really love Stargate Universe, and look forward to seeing more next month.

Any shows you think that I should check out? I'm into trying new shows these days, before the regular ones I watch return in September.