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Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Dutch on an Upcoming Review

The thrifty person in me can most easily justify purchasing new items for the kitchen. Greg and I cook all the time (okay, mostly him), and spend a great deal of time looking online and in shops for cookware. My experience with CSNstores was so great last time that we were inspired to write a 3-part series on Pressure Cookers! CSNstores' site has so many amazing brands of products for the kitchen in a variety of price ranges. We spent a long time yesterday looking at their selection, including a Dutch oven among other things. In fact, Greg had such a good time looking at the selection that he'll be writing a post on Dutch ovens later today, so look out for it!

What is the item that we settled on? Well, its for the kitchen . . .but the specific item is a surprise! You can bet that Greg will be cooking up a storm with it and writing a post or two (or three)!