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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Greg!

Today is all about Greg. My best friend turns 30 today! 

Greg has been writing a few posts here lately, which you can find here, and will be writing some more in the near future! 
At the end of September, we will be celebrating our birthdays together by going on a short trip to Seattle and Portland. Greg has been working on a budget travel series which will be posted while we are away. There will also be posts on thrifty travel in other ways, like recommendations for good places to find deals online, how to pack efficiently and just use carry-on, and some reviews of travel products! 
Did you catch Greg's series on pressure cookers, called Under Pressure: A Succinct Guide to Pressure Cooking? He also wrote a great post on Dutch ovens, too. We just got our grill from CSN stores to review, and he'll be creating an exciting series on cast iron cookware shortly!