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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Month End Recap - Shop Talk

Our first month (well, 3 weeks) of having our Etsy store was a lot of fun - we made 4 sales during the slowest sales month of the year. This is encouraging, as I hope to do even better this month! We have an event on twitter coming up later this month, which I will let you know about in a few weeks. We also have a few blog features this month, as well.

We did a few things for promoting our new store in July. So far we haven't had any sales because of them, but at this stage, I think it is important for people to see our products and get our store name out there!

-Studioahimsa was featured on the Etsy Treasury Chest blog a few days ago - please go check it out and come back here to let me know what you think! I would really appreciate it.

-Through the Blogmania event, we did a 15 minutes of fame on Facebook last week. We gave away a $15 gift certificate but unfortunately, we didn't get many page 'likes' on Facebook nor at the store. There is a month-long 'I like August' event on now that I wish I'd known about before hand, as I think that that would have been better for us.

-We were contacted by Amy from MISavings to sponsor her blog for Blogmania. We'll be providing her blog with a $20 gift certificate. I look forward to working with Amy to help promote the event and our store!

Artfire was having a promo where you get a free pro account for a 1 month trial. We went with this and spent a lot of time with the extra features. . .but we still had any sales there!  I moved over all our gemstone necklaces, and will only be adding our stationery (non one of a kind items) to Artfire from now on.

I have two interesting guest posts for next Tuesday, so be sure to come back!