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Monday, May 10, 2010

Being a Correspondent: 31 Things - Final Fantasy Concert

Last night I was able to cross off another thing from my list of 31 things to do before turning 31: Seeing Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett live in concert!

Photo via Robbie Dee's Flickr Photostream

Going to this concert was the inspiration for Montreal Week here on my blog. Why?

The first song of Owen Pallett's that I heard was "This is the Dream of Win and Regine", based on his experience working with The Arcade Fire. This is my favourite song - it makes me want to become a ballerina or figure skater (I would have this song playing for my performances!)
and . . . learn to play the violin! In this song, there are lyrics about Montreal:
Montreal might eat it's young But Montreal won't break us down 

Why did I want to see Owen Pallett live so badly?

  1. I was supposed to see him play at UBC years ago before he won the Polaris Prize, but didn't go for some reason. 
  2. I had tickets for us to see Owen in concert last Fall, but he ended up having swine flu or something and had to cancel a bunch of tour dates!
  3. When I am really stressed or anxious, Owen Pallett's songs comfort me; they are also great to listen to while studying.
You can (and should) listen to some of this great music, here: