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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being a Correspondent: New Layout/Redesign

Hello new and old followers! This blog is still pretty new, and only recently (after I just finished my classes for the semester) have I been able to post regularly. I plan on updating on a more regular basis now, and hope to have several different features, and maybe a giveaway or two soon (if you want me to host your giveaway, contact me) I am going to continue to post things from my list of 31 Things Before Turning 31, and my main personas: being an artist, a decorator, and a traveller. I will soon be graduating from University with a degree in Art History, so will focus more on being an art historian.

New Changes: I created a new banner and button:

Being Tazim

Let me know if you are interested in trading buttons or links. I also put links under the banner to my different personas, so that you can easily go to related posts with the same tags.

I just want post a thank-you to all who have been following me, and send out an invitation to those of you who haven't followed yet!
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